NO HACK Guarantee™ WordPress Website Hosting


  • NO Hack Guarantee - if you ever do get hacked, we fix it for free
  • Free Malware cleanup (if it ever even happens)
  • Nightly backups so you never lose your site data
  • Blazing fast page load speed via the Google Cloud
  • Free SSL site certification (safer, secured sites are better sites)
  • ½ hour of site adjustments per month*
  • One point of contact if an issue arrives
  • VPS server setup (your own private server)
  • 99%+ uptimeWe update
  • Wordpress Core We update
  • Wordpress Theme & Plugins**
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*This includes updating pages, images, text, etc. It does not include new pages or lengthy site updates or thematic changes.

**We are not responsible for licenses of paid themes/plugins and many can only be updated if you pay for the updates.

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